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February 2017




February is National Children's Dental Health Month, which highlights the importance of oral health in our youngest patients. To coincide with this month-long celebration, this issue features evidence-based content focused on children, prevention of disease, and unique solutions for the delivery of high-quality oral health care. Scroll down to read engaging articles on topics such as fluoride, radiography, and instrumentation.  Four continuing education (CE) articles focus on oral health during pregnancy, the link between diabetes and periodontal diseases, tobacco trends, and the use of lasers during periodontal therapy—offering you the opportunity to earn up to eight CE units. We hope you enjoy this thought-provoking issue! 


Piper Machado is the daughter of Kristen Pratt Machado, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene's executive editor, and has appeared on the February cover in honor of National Children's Dental Health Month since 2009.


This Month's Features


The Role of Fluoride in Caries Prevention
With a variety of concentrations, application types, and delivery methods, clinicians can recommend the right fluoride product for their patients' individual needs.
By Petal C. Leu-wai-see, AAS, RDH, BSDH, MA, and Cynthia J. Howard, RDH, BS, MS, CCRC

The Safe Use of Radiography in Children
Pediatric patients are more vulnerable to the effects of radiation, so clinicians must be prudent when capturing radiographs in this population.
By Ann M. Bruhn, BSDH, MS, and Jessica Suedbeck, RDH, MSDH

The Bane of Burnished Calculus
Complete removal of all subgingival deposits is a challenge, but leaving burnished calculus behind threatens periodontal health.
By Linda Brookman, RDH, BSDH, MSHS, and Donna Smith, BSDH, MSEd, RDHAP

Focus on Sealants
This annual guide is a comprehensive compilation of etching materials, primers/bonding agents, sealants, curing lights, articulating paper, and finishers and polishers, which can be used in any clinical setting.

CE Sponsored by Colgate in Partnership with the American Academy of Periodontology
 Diabetes and Periodontal Diseases
Inflammation is the link that binds these two common maladies.
By Marcelo Freire, DDS, PhD, DMSc

 Supporting Oral Health in Pregnancy
Providing dental care to pregnant patients is both safe and necessary to ensure the health of both mothers and infants.
By Susan L. Vogell, RDH, BS, MBA

 Tobacco Trends 
While tobacco use continues to decline in adults, its prevalence is growing among young people, emphasizing the need for effective prevention and intervention strategies.
By Linda D. Boyd, RDH, RD, EdD

 The Use of Lasers in Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy
The efficacy of this technology as an adjunctive treatment for periodontitis and peri-implant diseases remains controversial.
By Denise M. Bowen, RDH, MS



Editor's Note
A Brave New World
By Jill Rethman, RDH, BA

Guest Editorial
Effective Care Starts With Caries Risk Assessment
By Jade Miller, DDS


Industry Info 

Your Marketplace 

Ask the Expert
Overcoming Patient Objections
By Stacy A. Matsuda, RDH, BS, MS 


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