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March 2018




Spring is in the air! As the temperatures rise and the flowers start blooming, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene’s March issue is bursting with a variety of information! From a look at dental hygienists’ abilities to administer nitrous oxide from state to state to an update on the use of silver diamine fluoride to treatment approaches for patients who use marijuana, there is something for every clinician. And if you don’t know what sclera tattooing is, make sure to read the continuing education article on extreme body modifications and their effects on oral health.  



This Month's Features


A Regulatory Look at Nitrous Oxide Delivery
The dental hygiene scope of practice regarding the use of N2O-O2 differs from state to state.
By Diana Aboytes, RDH, MS

The Role of Gloves in Breaking the Chain of Infection
Practicing proper glove protocol will help oral health professionals reduce the risk of occupational exposure.
By Nancy Goodwin, CDA, RDH, MEd

 Stain Removal With Polishing 
Oral health professionals need to be knowledgeable about the causes behind staining, the correlation between oral pH and dental erosion, and appropriate polishing choices for different patient types.
By Sharon L. Mossman, RDH, EdD

 Incorporating the Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride 
Following are strategies for implementing this minimally invasive option into the caries management armamentarium.
By Brooke M.O. Fukuoka, DMD

 Caring for Patients Who Consume Cannabis 
As more states legalize some form of marijuana use, oral health professionals need to be knowledgeable about cannabis use, the various forms available, and its effects on oral and systemic health.
By Karen M. Portillo, RDH, MSDH; Tammy R. Sanderson, RDH, MSDH; and JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, MS, PhD

 Extreme Body Modifications 
Providing effective care and recommendations to this patient population is key to supporting oral health.
By Anna Matthews, RDH, MS; Sandra Stramoski, RDH, MSDH; and Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP

 Improve Patient Communication 
From using professional interpretation services to addressing low health literacy, ensuring effective communication between patients and providers is Integral to positive outcomes.
By Christina Calleros, RDH, MS, and Diana Aboytes, RDH, MS

 The Ethics of Off-Label Drug Use 
With a continued rise in the use of off-label drug therapies, oral health professionals need to be aware of related legal and ethical considerations.
By Kristen Stephens, RDH, MS, and JoAnn R. Gurenlian, RDH, MS, PhD



 Editor's Note
Promoting Dental Hygiene
By Jill Rethman, RDH, BA


 Industry Info 

 Guest Editorial
The Colorado Medical-Dental Integration Project

This innovative program expands access to preventive oral health care through a highly integrated care delivery model.
By Patricia Braun, MD, MPH; Cherith Flowerday; and Karina Villagrana, RDH


 Ask the Expert
To Retip or Not to Retip Dental Instruments
By Mary Kay Scaramucci, RDH, MS 




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