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June 2018




Summer has finally arrived and we hope you can spend some time porch swinging, pool lounging, or hammock hanging! The June issue of Dimensions of Dental Hygiene has lots to offer when you have some spare time to add to your knowledge base. This month’s continuing education (CE) articles are particularly relevant to today’s environment, covering emergency preparedness, prescription opioid misuse, elder abuse, and the use of dental lasers in children. As always, you can earn up to 8 CE units with successful completion of the tests! 



This Month's Features


Improving the Safety of Dental Unit Waterlines
Treating the dental unit water, flushing the air/waterlines between patients, regular testing of water quality, and following all manufacturer instructions will help dental practices effectively maintain their dental unit waterlines.
By Laura Gail Hendricks, RDH, MEd 

Coaxial Illumination
When properly worn and carefully chosen, coaxial illumination may enhance not only visual acuity, but also proper posture.
By Emily Ludwig, RDH, MSDH, and Margaret F. Lemaster, BSDH, MS

 Joining the Emergency Preparedness Team 
Oral health professionals have unique skills that can be invaluable to emergency preparedness teams.
By Tara L. Newcomb, BSDH, MS, and Ann M. Bruhn, BSDH, MS

 Addressing Prescription Opioid Misuse 
Improving communication between providers, increasing use of alternative pain control mechanisms, and creating evidence-based prescribing guidelines will reduce the unintended distribution of prescription opioids.
By Shernel Thomas, BS; Diane Rhee, PharmD, MHA; Sarah Bettag, BA; Melanie Boyd, RDA; and Romesh P. Nalliah, DDS, MHCM

 Note the Signs of Elder Abuse 
Dental hygienists are well positioned to recognize the symptoms of elder abuse.
By Kimberly A. Erdman, RDH, PHDHP, MSDH

 Pediatric Use of Dental Lasers 
With applications ranging from soft tissue surgery to sealant and caries preparations, lasers represent a viable treatment modality for this patient population.
By Graham L. Hearn, DDS, MSD



 Editor's Note
Helping Patients Dance Again
By Jill Rethman, RDH, BA


 Industry Info 


 Ask the Expert
Choose the Right Mask For the Task at Hand
By Kandis V. Garland, RDH, MS 





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