High Tech Pain Relief

Reap the benefits of computer-controlled local anesthesia delivery.
By Kathy Bassett, RDH, MEd, and Arthur C. DiMarco, DMD

Achieve Anesthesia Success in the Mandible

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene speaks with noted expert Stanley F. Malamed, DDS, about overcoming obstacles in mandibular anesthesia.

Comfort Is Key

Three steps to ensuring patient comfort during local anesthesia delivery.
By Gwen Essex, RDH, MS, EdD

Update on Anesthesia

Gwen Essex, RDH, MS, EdD, discusses pain control options for the dental hygienist.

More Efficacy, Less Pain

Stanley F. Malamed, DDS, talks to Dimensions about the latest developments in the delivery of local anesthetics.

Avoiding an Adverse Reaction

Stanley F. Malamed, DDS, talks about reducing the risks inherent in administering anesthesia in the dental office.

Decision Making and Local Anesthesia

Selecting the most appropriate local anesthetic agent.
By Carlene Paarmann, RDH, MEd

The Pediatric Patient and Nitrous Oxide

John A. Yagiela, DDS, PhD, discusses the use of nitrous oxide with children and the possible danger of administering it to patients with autism.

Getting Serious About Laughing Gas

John A. Yagiela, DDS, PhD, shares his expertise on the administration of nitrous oxide and its effects on the practitioner and the patient.

Safety First

Dental hygienists must remain up to date on topical anesthetic usage in order to reduce any possible risks.
By Kathy Bassett, RDH, MEd, and Arthur C. DiMarco, DMD

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