Caries Risk Assessment in Children With Special Needs

Caries Risk Assessment in Children With Special Needs BAONA ISTOCK GETTY IMAGES PLUS  Implementing A risk 
assessment model may 
help decrease the chance 
of developing obesity and prevent metabolic diseases, in 
addition to improving patients’ periodontal health. By Elise Sarvas,

A Comprehensive Approach to Dental Caries Management

Risk assessment, therapeutic and restorative therapies, establishment of a dental home, and interprofessional care are key to mitigating the negative effects of tooth decay. By Erin A. Kierce, RDH, BA, MS, MPH, and Lori Rainchuso, RDH, MS, DHSc

Current Concepts in Caries Risk Assessment

Staying abreast of the changing landscape of caries risk assessment, management, and prevention will help oral health professionals provide the highest quality patient care. By Martha McComas, RDH, MS

Reduce Caries RiskWith Fluoride Mouthrinse

Over-the-counter fluoride mouthrinse is an effective addition to caries prevention regimens.
By Joel H. Berg, DDS, MS, and Sarah Fabozzi Winter, DMD

The Caries Epidemic in Native American Communities

While the exact cause of American Indian and Native Alaskan children's high prevalence and increased severity of caries is not well understood, possible solutions have been proposed.
By John J. Warren, DDS, MS

Arresting Caries

The use of silver diamine fluoride offers many benefits in arresting caries lesions, especially among underserved and low-income populations.
By Bernadette Alvear Fa, DDS; Jeremy Alan Horst, DDS, MS, PhD; Jason Philip Hirsch, DMD, MPH; Steve Duffin, DDS; Allen Wong, DDS, EdD; and Douglas A. Young, DDS, EdD, MBA, MS

Reduce the Prevalence of Early Childhood Caries

While the expansion of Medicaid and The Children's Health Insurance Program has improved utilization of dental care, state disparities remain.
By Scott L. Tomar, DMD, MPH, DrPH

Managing Deep Caries

Vital pulp therapy can be a useful option for treating severe caries in primary molars.
By Zheng Xu, DDS, MDS, PhD

The Role of Sugar Alcohols in Caries Prevention

This literature review examines the evidence regarding the effectiveness of sugar alcohols in preventing tooth decay.
Akshay Kumarswamy, BDS, MS

The Impact of National Origin on Caries Risk

Dental hygienists are well positioned to address culturally related risk factors for early childhood caries.
By Deborah A. Finnegan, RDH, MS, and Lori Rainchuso, RDH, MS

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