Esthetic Dentistry

The Mysteries of Noncarious Cervical Lesions

The etiology of these lesions remains unknown, but clinical judgment and documentation of signs and symptoms can help clinicians determine an appropriate course of action. By Sumitha N. Ahmed, RDH, BDS, MS, and Stephen C. Bayne, MS, PhD

Consider the Cost

Oral health professionals need to address the financial side of esthetic dental treatment when discussing options with older adults.
By Domenica G. Sweier, DDS, PhD; Ronald J. Heys, DDS, MS; Mary R. Truhlar, DDS, MS; and Stephen C. Bayne, MS, PhD

Ensuring Beautiful and Healthy Smiles

Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS, discusses the important role that dental hygienists play in the esthetic dental practice.

Ensure the Efficacy of Tooth Whitening

Tips for monitoring color change during the bleaching process.
By So Ran Kwon, DDS, MS, PhD, MS, and Yiming Li, DDS, MSD, PhD

Gummy Smile Correction

Many treatment options are available for patients who want to improve the esthetics of their smile while reducing excess gingival display. By Rania Livada, DDS, MS, and Jacob Shiloah, DMD

Tooth Whitening Safety

What the evidence says about the effects of bleaching on tooth structure.
By So Ran Kwon, DDS, MS, PhD, MS, and Yiming Li, DDS, MSD, PhD

Advances in All-Ceramic Restorations

Advances in All-Ceramic Restorations With the popularity of nonmetal restorations growing, dental hygienists need to be well versed in available options.
By Warden H. Noble, DDS, MS, MSEd; Shika Gupta, DDS, BDS; Jessie Vallee, DDS; and Karen Schulze, DDS, PhD

Whitening Wisdom

Esthetic dentistry expert, Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS, shares his thoughts on the status of tooth whitening and where it may go from here.

Current Trends in Tooth Whitening

Safety, efficacy, and cost are important considerations when recommending whitening treatments to your patients.
By Marilynn Heyde, RDH, MPH; Kristi Wilkins, RDH, MA; and Yiming Li, DDS, MSD, PhD

The Balance Between Function and Esthetics

Here is a brief clinical update of esthetic intracoronal restorations.
By Vijay P. Parashar, DDS, MDSc; Harish Koratkar, BDS, FAGD; and Ashley Cooke, RDH, BS

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