The Role of Fluoride in Caries Prevention

Fluoride is one of the most valuable weapons in the fight against tooth decay among pediatric patients.

Use of Fluoride Varnish in Caries Prevention

As this effective preventive tool is widely used, oral health professionals need to remain up-to-date regarding product innovations and the most current evidence-based approaches. BY Erin Relich, RDH, BSDH, MSA, AND Durinda Mattana, RDH, BSDH, MS

Addressing Precavitated Lesions in Toddlers

      DURINDA MATTANA, RDH, MS, is an adjunct associate professor in the Departments of Periodontology and Dental Hygiene and Patient Management at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry where she teaches courses on prevention. She

Caring for Children With Diabetes

Oral health professionals are well positioned to provide the extensive preventive and therapeutic care required to maintain the oral health of this patient population. By Dorothy J. Rowe, RDH, MS, PhD, and Hyun A. Sohn, RDH, MS

The Role of Fluoride in Caries Prevention

With a variety of concentrations, application types, and delivery methods, clinicians can recommend the right fluoride product for their patients' individual needs. By Petal C. Leu-wai-see, AAS, RDH, BSDH, MA, and Cynthia J. Howard, RDH, BS, MS, CCRC

What the Evidence Says About Fluoride Varnish

The effectiveness of fluoride varnish in preventing caries is the focus of this practical review.
By Ryan L. Quock, DDS

Fluoride’s Role in Caries Prevention

While fluoride is key to preventing tooth decay, aspects of its usage can greatly affect efficacy.
By Constanza E. Fernández, DDS, PhD, and Carlos González-Cabezas, DDS, MSD, PhD

Sharing Facts About Fluoride

Dental hygienists need to be prepared to promote and defend community water fluoridation as an effective caries-prevention strategy.
By Erin C. Knoerl, MPH, and Meg D. Atwood, RDH, MPS

Defenders of Community Water Fluoridation

Oral health professionals should be ready to advocate for this important component of caries prevention efforts.
By Lori Rainchuso, RDH, MS

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