Strategies for Treating Seniors

Identifying common oral health problems, chronic conditions, and physical/ motor disorders is key to ensuring successful dental appointments for mature patients. By Amber Walters Hunt, RDH, BSDH, MS; Tracee Dahm, BSDH, MS, RDH; and Ann Bruhn, BSDH, MS, RDH

Hypersensitivity in the Orthodontic Patient

Hard tissue and soft tissue hypersensitivity may be experienced by patients undergoing different types of orthodontic treatment. By Bhoomika Ahuja, BDS, MS

Stain Removal with Polishing

Oral health professionals need to be knowledgeable about the causes behind staining, the correlation between oral pH and dental erosion, and appropriate polishing choices for different patient types. By Sharon L. Mossman, RDH, EdD

Strategies for Dentinal Hypersensitivity Management

Patient discomfort caused by this common complaint can be effectively addressed with both in-office and at-home therapies. By Mia L. Geisinger, DDS, MS

Addressing the Symptoms of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

Proper diagnosis and staying abreast of the latest treatment strategies are the basis of effectively Managing this common dental complaint.
By Shelly Withers, RDH, MS, and Debra Zawistowski, RDH, BS

Chairside Management of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

In-office treatment of this common dental complaint can provide effective relief.
By Harlan J. Shiau, DDS, DMSc

Addressing Whitening-Related Sensitivity

Many strategies are available to help patients prevent or manage this common complaint.
By Faith Y. Miller, RDH, MSEd

Dentinal Hypersensitivity Management

Dental hygienists can help their patients effectively address this common source of discomfort by staying abreast of the latest treatment strategies.
By Shelly Withers, RDH, MS; Debra Friesen, RDH, MS; and Yiming Li, DDS, MSD, PhD

Dentinal Hypersensitivity Management

Research supports a variety of techniques to treat this common malady.
By Harlan Shiau, DDS, DMedSc

A Comprehensive Review of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

A variety of options is available to treat this common patient complaint.
By Richard D. Trushkowsky, DDS, FAGD, FICD, FACD, FADM

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