Ultrasonic Instrumentation Tips for Premolars

Effective ultrasonic instrumentation for these teeth depends on the clinician’s knowledge 
of tooth anatomy, ultrasonic insert/tip 
designs, and technique. By Kathleen O. Hodges, RDH, MS

Maintain the Cutting Edge of Dental Instruments

Instrument sharpness is key to achieving successful periodontal treatment. By Donna Smith, BSDH, MSEd, RDHAP

Update on Methods for Oral Biofilm Disruption

Update on Methods for Oral Biofilm Disruption PEOPLEIMAGES/E+/GETTY IMAGES PLUS   Regular personal and professional biofilm removal is key to preventing and treating oral infections. By Kathleen O. Hodges, RDH, MS This course was published in the December 2017 issue and expires 12/31/20.  The

Instrument Selection for Premolar Teeth

This is key to effective nonsurgical periodontal therapy and periodontal maintenance. By Kathleen O. Hodges, RDH, MS

Instrumenting Premolars

The complex root anatomy of these teeth poses a distinct challenge during hand instrumentation. by Kathleen O. Hodges, RDH, MS

Troubleshooting Instrumentation of Furcations, Concavities, and Depressions

The use of site-specific ultrasonic inserts/tips can help improve the success of nonsurgical periodontal therapy. By Kristel Caganap, RDH, MSDH; Joan Beleno Sanchez, RDH, BSDH, BAS; and Michaela Nguyen, RDH, MS

Impact of Joint Hypermobility

Practitioners should self-identify the presence of joint hypermobility and recognize its potential effect on the musculoskeletal system and the effectiveness of periodontal instrumentation. By Joyce Y. Sumi, RDH, MS; Anna M. Pattison, RDH, MS; and Michaela Nguyen, RDH, MS

The Bane of Burnished Calculus

Complete removal of all subgingival deposits is a challenge, but leaving burnished calculus behind threatens periodontal health. By Linda Brookman, RDH, BSDH, MSHS, and Donna Smith, BSDH, MSEd, RDHAP

Decision Making in Ultrasonic Instrumentation

Sufficient power, proper adaptation, and appropriate stroke activation are integral to successful use of this modality. By Stacy A. Matsuda, RDH, BS, MS

The Blended Approach to Instrumentation

The best patient outcomes are achieved through the tandem use of ultrasonic and hand instrumentation.
By Nancy Mann, RDH, MSEd

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