Focus on Mouthrinses

This informative table provides details about therapeutic and cosmetic mouthrinses.

Exploring the Antigingivitis Armamentarium

The regular use of therapeutic mouthrinses may help reduce the risk of gingivitis and, ultimately, periodontal disease.
By Salayne Formica Escalante, BS, RDH, MSDH

Focus on Mouthrinses

This informative table provides details about the therapeutic and cosmetic mouthrinses available.

Protect Implant Outcomes

Therapeutic mouthrinses offer dental hygienists an additional modality during implant maintenance therapy.
By Laura J. Sleeper, RDH, MA

Bacteria Management

Preprocedural mouthrinsing reduces the number of transmissible microorganisms in dental aerosols—possibly decreasing infection risk. By Mary Jacks, RDH, MS

Improve Oral Health with Mouthrinses

With mouthrinse use an already accepted practice by many patients, recommending a therapeutic product can help them also fight plaque bacteria and gingivitis.
By Terri Tilliss, RDH, PhD

Dispel the Myths

While misconceptions about the safety of alcohol-containing mouthrinses continue to circulate, scientific evidence demonstrates not only their safety, but their efficacy as well. By Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD, and JoAnn R. Gurenlian, RDH, PhD


Reducing the oral cavity’s bacterial load is essential to maintaining health. Here’s how antimicrobial mouthrinses can help.
By Kathleen O. Hodges, RDH, MS

Fight Gingivitis with Therapeutic Mouthrinses

Help patients improve their self-care regimens with these important adjuncts to mechanical plaque control.
By Lynn Marsh, RDH, EdD

Efficacy of Therapeutic Mouthrinses

Address gingivitis, dental caries, and dentinal hypersensitivity with both over-the-counter and prescription rinses.
By Ann M. Bruhn, BSDH, MS, and Tara L. Newcomb, BSDH, MS

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