Saliva's Role in Remineralization

Various preventive therapies are available to encourage remineralization and inhibit demineralization. By Elizabeth I. Pitts, RDH, MS, and Danielle Furgeson, RDH, MS, DHSc

Strategies to Boost Remineralization

Products that aid in the remineralization process should be considered as part of an overall caries prevention and management plan For at-risk patients. By Martha McComas, RDH, MS

Reducing Demineralization Risk

Sports and energy drinks are designed to prevent dehydration and replenish energy, but they also Contribute to the demineralization of tooth enamel. By Lynn Marsh, RDH, EdD

Severe Tooth Wear: A Case Report

When addressing the oral health and esthetic concerns of a patient with gastroparesis, effective patient education, risk assessment, and appropriate therapies are integral to successful treatment.
By Shika Gupta, DDS; Bernadette Alvear Fa, DDS; and Warden H. Noble, DDS, MS, MSEd

Strategies for Remineralization

Diet, lifestyle, and poor oral hygiene can tilt the scales toward demineralization, but many strategies are available to support remineralization.
By Brigette R. Cooper, RDH, MS, and Trisha M. Krenik-Matejcek, RDH, MS

Implementing a Minimally Invasive Approach

Employing remineralization strategies instead of providing restorative care may be the most prudent approach to saving tooth structure.
By Jessica Fagan, RDH, BS, MA, and Diana Macri, RDH, BSDH, MSEd

Supporting Remineralization

Implementing strategies to encourage remineralization is key to a successful caries prevention regimen.
By Sarah Yoon, RDH, BA

Balance the Scales

Calcium phosphate technologies may support the remineralization process, thereby helping to ensure the integrity of the tooth surface in the face of mineral loss.
By Lynn Marsh, RDH, EdD

Enhance Remineralization

Noninvasive strategies to support remineralization are important components of the modern caries prevention continuum.
By Piroska Szalma, RDH, MS, and Sarah Yoon, RDH, BA

Remineralize with Calcium-Based Therapies

Patients at risk of tooth decay can sway the caries balance toward remineralization with these simple strategies.
By M. Anjum Shah, BSDH, MS, RDH

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