Special Supplements

Ensure the Safety of Dental Treatment Water

Appropriate methods to control biofilm formation and monitor water quality must be implemented to safeguard patients. By Eve J. Cuny, BA, MS, and Kathy J. Eklund, RDH, MHP

Diabetes and Periodontal Diseases

Inflammation is the link that binds these two common maladies. By Marcelo Freire, DDS, PhD, DMSc

In Memoriam: A Lasting Legacy

The matriarch of dental hygiene, Esther M. Wilkins, BS, RDH, DMD, lives on through her seminal textbook, her passion for the profession of dental hygiene, and her personal impact on friends and colleagues. By Anna M. Pattison, RDH, MS

Legislative Update

The midlevel practitioner model continues to gain momentum as more states consider the addition of new dental providers.

Dental Navigator

Public health dental hygienist practitioners in Pennsylvania can help improve access to oral health care and patient outcomes by serving as dental navigators in medical offices. By Donna L. Murray-Schoenecker, PHDHP, MSDH, and C. Eve J. Kimball, MD, FAAP

Integrating Medical and Dental Care

Dental hygienists at Northwest Colorado Health practice at the top of their license while working in a primary care setting. By Malea Johnson, BS, RDH, EPDH

Providing Comprehensive Care

Integrating oral health care and incorporating dental professionals into the provision of medicine will improve patient outcomes. By Patricia Brown Bonwell, RDH, BSDH, MSG, PhD

Eliminate Barriers to Care

Public health dental hygienists are helping to improve the access of vulnerable populations to dental services. By Katherine Lemoine Pelullo, RDH, MEd

Achieving the Triple AIM

Dental accountable care organizations strive to improve patient experience and health outcomes while reducing costs. By Kristen Simmons, MHA, BSDH, RDH; Joanna Mullins, BSDH, RDH; and Joshua B. Even, DMD

California Pioneers New Workforce Models

With the registered dental hygienist in alternative practice, California remains ahead of the curve in expanding the roles of dental hygienists. By Elizabeth Mertz, PhD, MA, and Ruth Kearn, RDHAP, MS

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