Supporting Implant Health

While myriad factors can threaten the success of implant therapy, implementing maintenance strategies may support positive outcomes. By Timothy J. Hempton, DDS, and Evangelos Papathanasiou, DMD, MS, PhD

Identifying Patients at Risk for Inflammatory Driven Conditions

Clinicians have a variety of options available to improve their viewing of the oral cavity. By Casey Hein, BSDH, MBA, and Eraldo L. Batista Jr, DDS, MSc

Motivational Interviewing for Dental Hygienists

The following techniques can help guide patients to improved self-care and optimal oral health. By Michelle Arnett, RDH, BS, MS, and Anne Gwozdek, RDH, BA, MA

The Therapeutic Potential of Medical Marijuana

Providing patients with scientific information and clarifying misinformation about cannabis are essential to the provision of safe, ethical, and compassionate care. By Anna Matthews, RDH, MS, and Sandra Stramoski, RDH, MSDH

Ethical Decision Making in Dental Hygiene

Clinicians face ethical dilemmas throughout their careers, but a strong educational foundation in ethics and ethical decision-making provides a helpful guide. by Michele Carr, RDH, MA

Signs and Symptoms of Hypophosphatasia

As premature tooth loss is one of the first signs of this debilitating disease, oral health professionals need to be prepared to recognize it in its earliest stages. By Julio Sotillo, DDS, PhD, and Kyriakie Sarafoglou, MD

The Opioid Crisis

Clinicians should be knowledgeable about the signs and symptoms of opioid use disorder in order to provide the most appropriate care to these patients. By Lisa Bilich, RDH, MS, CHSE

Advancing Patient Care With Digital Technology

The use of digital impressioning and computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing may help improve treatment outcomes. By Sharon L. Varlotta, RDH, MS; Ira T. Bloom, DDS; and Sheryl L. Syme, RDH, MS

Health Literacy for the Dental Professional

Assessing and addressing low oral health literacy can help improve patient adherence to recommendations and outcomes. By Priscilla M. Flynn, RDH, MPH, DrPH

The Use Of Lasers in Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy

The efficacy of this technology as an adjunctive treatment for periodontitis and peri-implant diseases remains controversial. By Denise M. Bowen, RDH, MS

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