Product Tables

Focus on Mouthrinses

This detailed table provides information about the latest therapeutic and cosmetic mouthrinses.

Focus on Sealants

This annual guide is a comprehensive compilation of etching materials, primers/bonding agents, sealants, curing lights, articulating paper, and finishers and polishers, which can be used in any clinical setting.

Focus on Nonfloss Interdental Cleaners

This informative table provides details on some of the dentifrices currently available in the United States.

Focus on Toothpaste

This helpful guide offers information about the prescription and over-the-counter dentifrices available today.

Focus on Nonfloss Interdental Cleaners

Interdental cleaning is integral to oral health, and this table provides clinicians with helpful details about available nonfloss interdental cleaners.

Focus on Prophy Pastes and Air Polishing Powders

The Wide Selection Of Prophy Pastes And Air Polishing Powders Gives Dental Hygienists The Ability To Personalize Treatment For Every Patient.

Focus on Toothbrushes

This guide offers important details about the wide array of toothbrushes—both manual and power— on the market today.

Focus on Mouthrinses

This informative table provides details about the therapeutic and cosmetic mouthrinses available.