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Following are some key points to remember when you go in to interview for a new position… Good luck!

1. Use a firm handshake no wilting flowers need apply!

2. Look the person in the eye. This shows confidence.

3. Maintain good posture. Slouching in the chair does not emit the impression you want to make, which is "I can handle anything!"

4. Maintain an energetic attitude. Appear enthusiastic. No one wants to hire someone who seems apathetic to his/her career.

5. Be honest about your capabilities. Never used the dental endoscope before and you're interviewing at a practice that uses one? Admit you're unfamiliar with it but emphasize that you're a quick and fastidious learner.

6. Dress professionally. The dentist may never see you again in anything but scrubs but dressing up will create the impression that you take care of yourself and that you want the job.

7. Conduct your own interview! Don't be afraid to ask questions about the practice philosophy and how things are done. You want to make sure that you will be happy with the office also. If you're unsure, ask for a working interview. In a working interview, you should get paid. If they want you to do it for free, run for the hills!

8. Say thank you when the interview is complete and ask when a decision will be made.

9. Make your intention known. If you really want the job, ask for it!

10. Send a follow-up thank you note the same day you interview and again ask for the position.