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A cover letter accompanies your resume in a job search and it serves as a personal communication between you and the employer. A well-written cover letter can boost your resume to the top of the pile, particularly when the competition is fierce for a position.

The cover letter should be addressed specifically to a person and it should open and friendly. If you cannot find the name of the person doing the hiring, then Dear Manager or Dear Doctor will suffice. Your enthusiasm and interest in your career and in this particular position should be expressed in the cover letter. Don’t be shy!

Choose one characteristic or talent that is unique about you and highlight it in the body of the letter. This is your chance to set yourself apart from the crowd. The letter needs to be brief, however. A few paragraphs on 1 page are plenty. End your letter with your next step. Let him or her know that you will be calling to inquire about an interview.  

Here are a couple of sample cover letters to help you get started!



 Sample 1



 Sample 2