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 Introducing the new Zeon® Endeavour™ LED Headlight from Orascoptic


December 7, 2011
Orascoptic's new Zeon® Endeavour™ LED Headlight combines both power and comfort while delivering outstanding illumination. Endeavour features our new miniature gumdrop headlight for maximum comfort and advanced capacitive touch technology for easy operation. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery unit is the smallest and lightest on the market. This light delivers up to 4,000 foot candles of white light with a well-defined spot emitting low heat output to ensure safety for both the practitioner and the patient. With a Quality Guaranteed 4-Year Warranty on the gumdrop headlight, the Zeon Endeavour incorporates today's best technology. Visit Endeavour LED Lights or call 800.369.3698 to order!