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Insuring Your Career

When patients take good care of their teeth today, they’ll avoid problems tomorrow. The same idea holds true for a career in dental hygiene. Dental hygienists need to take care of all they’ve studied and worked for today—in order to protect their future. After all, it only takes one claim to jeopardize years of dedication.

With Dental Hygienists’ Professional Liability Insurance* administered by Marsh Affinity Group Services, dental hygienists don’t need to risk all that they’ve worked for because of a covered claim or lawsuit.


Dental Hygienists’ Professional Liability Insurance administered by Marsh Affinity Group Services provides:

• Limits up to $2,000,000 per incident and up to $4,000,000 aggregate.

• Deposition assist and reimbursement for loss of earnings for certain situations in the defense of a claim.

• For owners of a group or individual policyholders: coverage in and out of any workplace including volunteer work.

Dental Hygienists’ Professional Liability Insurance offers peace of mind by ensuring that dental hygienists and their families will be financially protected—today and tomorrow—from lawyers’ fees, settlements, and compensation awards resulting from a covered lawsuit.

To apply for, get a quote, or for more information about Dental Hygienists’ Professional Liability, go to: or call (800) 503-9230.

*Underwritten by: Chicago Insurance Company, a member company of the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Companies.

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. July 2008;6(7): 46.

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