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Dental Hygiene Continuing Education Courses




Welcome to Dimensions CE   

Here you'll find 2-credit continuing education courses written by world class educators and researchers with you, the practicing dental hygienist in mind. From oral cancer detection to the evolving technology of amorphous calcium phosphate to pain control during periodontal scaling and root planing, Dimensions CE covers timely and relevant topics in a clear and concise manner.  

Dimensions provides new CE courses every month in print and online, through its parent company, Belmont Publications, Inc., an ADA CERP recognized provider. All courses offered by Dimensions CE fall under Category 1. 

The Dimensions CE Library allows you to learn from the best and keep your license current from the comfort of your home. 

  ce mailMake sure you have our current mailing address! All mailed CE should be sent to Belmont Publications, Inc. at 3621 Harbor Boulevard Suite 265, Santa Ana, CA 92704, or faxed to 714-825-1230! 


Please note that when you register, the program will automatically place a period (.) inbetween your first and last name if you do not input a unique username yourself. If you would like to remove it, simply delete it from the field while on the registration/purchase page, or enter your own custom username. If you would like to correct an existing username, please email  with your existing username and contact information. 

Here are some steps to acquaint yourself with Dimensions CE after you have set up a user account and purchased a course: 

1. Visit the CE hub by going to This will take you directly to the login site for existing users.  

 Please note you must allow pop-ups to view the login page, as well as have the latest edition of Macromedia Flash Player. Click the link below for a fast, free, and secure download direct from the source. or 

2. Log in with your username and password. Forgot your password? Email or call 714-825-0988 and request your user information. 

3. After logging in, you will be brought to your Dashboard. It features a calendar, notes, and all the tools you need to use for Dimensions CE. 

4. On the left side of the screen, you will see "My Courses". These are the courses you have acquired using freebie Enrollment Keys, or have purchased through To see a course you have purchased, simply click it's title and you will see the Dimensions CE introduction, the course book for the subject you are taking, and the exam for the subject. 

5. Ready for the test? Click on the course for which exam you would like to take, and click "Exam" on the course outline. Simply choose the answers that best correspond to the questions, and receive instant grading at the end of the test. 70% is required on all tests for a successful pass. 

Note: If you choose to purchase additional courses, log in to Dimensions CE/Absorb LMS and click "add courses". You can browse all our titles are purchase additional courses without logging out. 

Other fields on Dimensions CE are the following: 

Add New Course  

This is where you go to purchase additional courses as well as use Enrollment Keys (when available) for those with existing accounts. To use enrollment keys for free courses as specially featured in the journal, click the blue "Enrollment Key" box, input your codes, and retrieve your free course! 

 My Profile 

This is where all of your information will be confidentially stored. If for whatever reason you would like to change the first or last name on your information, or your username, please email or call 714-825-0988 with your account information and changes. 

 Course Information 

This area features Continuing Education By State so you can check to see how many CE credits are allowed in your state of practice, as well as direct access to purchase more CE and credit them to your account. 

 My Transcripts 

After you've completed courses, your transcripts / proof of credit hours will appear here. To print, simply click on "Print" after opening the certificate of your choice. Dimensions CE credits do not expire. 

 Along with Help and Log OutDimensions CE is a simple, easy to use way to obtain your credit hours. You can take the tests at your own leisure, with no charge for retakes -- no retakes are allowed after a successful pass. 



Bundled CE packages and bundle pricing are available only through Dimensions of Dental Hygiene's online Dimensions CE portal.

The courses offered in each CE bundle are not interchangeable — meaning, courses cannot be mixed and matched with other courses, or otherwise swapped out.

 Expiration and Course Credit 

In accordance with American Dental Association Continuing Education and Recognition Program guidelines, all courses in Dimensions CE library — including bundled and nonbundled courses — expire three years from the date of publication.

The publication date is listed in the drop-down menu that accompanies each course in the online library. Dimensions CE participants can complete the CE exam and receive credit up until the time that course expires.

The drop-down menu also lists the number of continuing education units each course confers to individuals who successfully complete the activity.


The courses in CE bundles are nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged for other bundled courses or individual courses offered through Dimensions CE.

Courses in CE bundles are not eligible for exchange after the course or courses have expired.

In addition to Dimensions CE courses offered through CE bundles, individual courses may be purchased at the regular rate.