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Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, New York, makes Colgate Total® Advanced Clean Toothpaste with a unique Triclosan plus Copolymer formula that delivers 12-hour antibacterial protection—even after eating and drinking. Triclosan is a highly effective broad-spectrum antibacterial that reduces and inhibits plaque—a cause of gingival inflammation. Copolymer coats the tooth and gingiva with Triclosan to help prevent new bacteria from attaching. Colgate Total is proven effective over a range of patient benefits in more than 60 well-controlled clinical studies with over 15,000 patients. (800) 2-COLGATE;

Caries Detection Device

DENTSPLY Professional, York, Pa, makes the Midwest Caries I.D.TM detection handpiece, a new technology that aids clinicians in the location of caries. Powered by proprietary technology, the Caries I.D. uses LED and fiber optics to positively identify 92% (based on a histological gold standard) of occlusal and 80% (based on a radiographic gold standard) of interproximal caries with two clear signals: a visual signal on the tooth as well as an audible tone. It can even help clinicians detect lesions and decalcification in x-ray adverse patients. (800) 989-8826;

Remineralizing Ingredient in New Products

NovaMin Technology Inc, Alachua, Fla, announces two additions to the "Powered by Novamin®" product line-up. Novamin has partnered with DENTSPLY Professional to launch NUPRO NUSolutionsTM Prophy Paste, which delivers the benefits of tooth desens itization, tubule occlusion, and stain removal. Also, Topex® ReNewTM Remineralizing and Desensitizing Toothpaste has been introduced in conjunction with Sultan Healthcare, which contains NovaMin and 5,000 ppm fluoride. (386) 418-1551;

Toothbrush and Floss

Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC Inc, Morris Plains, NJ, introduces the new REACH® ULTRACLEANTM Toothbrush and Floss. The unique, stretchy, no-shred dental floss with proprietary MICRO-GROOVESTM technology removes plaque and slides easily. The new REACH ULTRACLEAN Toothbrush removes up to 90% of plaque in places that are hard to reach.

Positioner for Digital Radiography

Steri-Shield Products, Goleta, Calif, introduces the Wingers CUBETM positioner for digital radiography. With this single, small bite cube—a single bar and one ring—the clinician can obtain a perfect FMX using Wingers sensor holders. Patient comfort, ease of use, and reduced cost are all features of this new product. Free samples are available. (800) 699-7220;

Dental Guard for Teeth Grinding

Splintek® Inc, Kansas City, offers the SleepRight® Rx NO-BOIL® dental guard, which protects teeth from grinding and helps prevent symptoms of TMJ disorder. Patented self-adjust technology creates a custom fit, eliminating the hassle of taking impressions or melting plastic. It is extremely comfortable and durable. The SleepRight® Rx NO-BOIL® dental guard comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 6-month warranty. (888) 792-0865;

Protective Eyewear

Kerr TotalCare, Orange, Calif, offers Googles protective eyewear. Made of distortion-free, optical grade plastic, these disposable lenses are OSHAcompliant. The separate frames are autoclavable and cold-sterilizable, making Googles an economical choice. Extremely comfortable, the lenses fit securely and relieve pressure on the nose. Lightweight, convenient, practical, safe, and secure, Googles protects the eyes in comfort. (800) 878-3902;


TePe Oral Health Care Inc, Signal Hill, Calif, makes the TePe Supreme toothbrush, which has an innovative two-level filament design for improved access and gentle cleaning. The longer, tapered filaments allow better access between the teeth and along the gum line, while the shorter filaments clean the rest of the tooth. The ergonomically designed nonslip handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. (888) 644-8373;

Polishing Paste

Water Pik Inc, Fort Collins, Colo, offers Waterpik® Soft ShineTM, a polishing paste safe for all restorations. Soft Shine was developed to gently yet effectively polish all types of composite, ceramic, and porcelain restorations, renewing them to their original luster. It’s also safe for natural teeth. Made from micron-fine white sapphire particles, Soft Shine removes stains without damaging restored surfaces. (800) 525-2020;

Dental Vitamin C

Eclipse Pharmaceuticals, Far Hills, NJ, announces PeriostripTM, the first-ever dissolving dental vitamin C antioxidant strip that contains 30 mg of vitamin C, the same amount of vitamin C as half of an orange. Periostrip provides patients with the vitamin C they need to enhance their dental healing, while replenishing the Vitamin C they may have lost due to other factors, such as diabetes, smoking, caffeine intake, pregnancy, and menopause, which can affect the healing of the gums. (908) 635-2326;

Digital Sensor Positioning Kit

DENTSPLY Rinn, Elgin, Ill, introduces a positioning kit for Kodak Trophy 6100 digital sensors, a new addition to its XCP-DS Digital Sensor Holders line. The positioning kit allows clinicians to achieve distortion-free radiographs with paralleling technique; meet all x-ray needs with just one kit—anterior, posterior, bitewing, and endodontic; purchase replacement parts separately; assemble easily with color coding; to steam autoclave; and increase patient comfort with ergonomic design. (800) 323-0970;

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. December 2008;6(12): 28, 31.

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