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February 2009



February seems like a "month in the middle".  It's the middle of winter and we typically look for something to brighten our daily routines.  Look no further than this issue of Dimensions!  With articles on CAMBRA, debridement, stem cells and remineralization, no doubt there is something to perk up your practice.  We also have information on radiographs for children, cancer care and a useful table on sealant products.  So make this "month in the middle" a time of enlightenment! 

Jill Rethman, RDH, BA 
Editorial Director 

P.S. And just look at that adorable face on the cover - if that doesn't make you smile, nothing will!!  


This Month's Features


Focusing On the Image
How to produce error-free radiographic images for the pediatric patient.
By Evelyn M. Thomson, BSDH, MS

Periodontal Debridement—A Case in Point
Donna Stach, RDH, MEd, discusses strategies for removing veneered calculus with ultrasonic and hand instruments.

Caries Management for the Whole Family
Implementing CAMBRA into your practice.
By Elena Francisco, BSDH, RDHAP; Shelly Azevedo, RDH, BS, MS; and Douglas A. Young, DDS, MS, MBA

The Regenerative Process
Understanding stem cell research and its implications for the dental professional.
By Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD

The Science of Remineralization
Laurence Chow, PhD, and James S. Wefel, PhD, talk about the workings of the de- and remineralization processes.

Cancer Care
Joel Epstein, DMD, MSD, FRCD(C), FDS RCS(E), shares his expertise on the important role that dental professionals play in the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of cancer.

Focus on Sealants [PDF]
Divided by product category, this informative table presents many of the sealant and sealant-related products on the market today, including each product's unique features.



 Editor's Note
Heroes Among Us
By Jill Rethman, RDH, BA

 Matter of Fact
News/Industry Info
Your Marketplace

Tips on Technique
The Safe Use of Ultrasonics
By Anna M. Pattison, RDH, MS