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NuCare™ Root Conditioner


Sunstar Butler Introduces NuCare Root Conditioner,
the ONLY  Desensitizing Product Cleared for Subgingival Use

ROOTCONDCHICAGO , February 25, 2005 - Sunstar Butler has introduced the dental profession’s first subgingival desensitizing product with the launch today of NuCare Root Conditioner with NovaMin®. The new product is indicated for rapid relief of hypersensitivity associated with exposed tooth root dentin.

“This is truly a different kind of desensitizing product,” explained Dr. Micaela Gibbs, DDS, who has done extensive work with the product on human teeth as part of her research at the

University of Florida in Gainesville . “It uses a different method of action and is indicated for a much broader range of indications than any other desensitizing product. Plus, its antimicrobial properties help to create a healthy environment for healing, which is exactly what you want following deep scaling and root planing procedures.”

The new Butler® brand product is powered by NovaMin®, a tasteless powder composed of four minerals (calcium, phosphate, silica and sodium) that naturally occur in the body’s hard tissues, so there is excellent tissue compatibility. NovaMin particles react with saliva and/or water. First, sodium is released, which creates the proper pH environment in which the calcium and phosphorus ions can precipitate as new mineral on the tooth surface. These minerals form a new protective layer of hydroxy-carbonate-apatite (HCA) dentin material – essentially identical to normal tooth mineral – and this new HCA layer occludes dentinal tubules and desensitizes the tooth.

Additionally, the dramatic change in local sodium and calcium ions has been shown to provide a substantial kill (99.9% or greater) of key bacteria associated with oral disease (bacteria killed in the study include: S. mutans, A. actinomycetemcomitans and five others).

“This product fills a niche that hasn’t been filled before. No other product can desensitize, provide anti-microbial properties, and be used subgingivally and during surgery like NuCare Root Conditioner,” said Dr. Gibbs. “Additionally, NuCare handles so easily. It is white, not clear, so you can see where you have placed it, and it is tacky, so it sticks to the root surface,” added Dr. Gibbs.

Available today, NuCare™ Root Conditioner with Novamin® is conveniently packaged in a box containing four kits. The product mixes easily in less than a minute and comes in its own syringe for easy placement. 

Sunstar Butler and its parent company, Sunstar Inc., continue their global partnership with dentistry to develop a better understanding of the potential links between oral health, general health and quality of life. One of the most trusted brands for more than 80 years, the company’s products are designed in consultation with dental professionals and are manufactured to the highest quality standards, assuring product excellence and patient satisfaction. For more information on NuCare Root Conditioner, please call 1-800-528-8537 or visit More information on NovaMin can be found at

Sunstar Butler/NuCare Root Conditioner
February 25, 2005
Anthony Dragotti

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