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Recognizing the Signs Of Crohn’s Disease

Oral health professionals should be aware of the oral manifestations of this gastrointestinal condition in order to facilitate early diagnosis.
By Danielle Furgeson, RDH, MS, DHSc, and Eugene Ko, DDS

Ensuring Safe Practice In Dental Radiology

Minimizing radiation exposure and adhering to appropriate infection control procedures are integral to the safe use of dental radiography.
By Ann M. Bruhn, BSDH, MS; Tara L. Newcomb, BSDH, MS; and Susan Lynn Tolle, BSDH, MS

The Impact of Diet and Nutrition On Oral Health

Dental hygienists can help patients improve their oral health by identifying dietary contributors to oral disease, assessing patients for nutrition-related risks, and providing dietary counseling.
By Teresa A. Marshall, PhD, RDN/LDN

Promoting Oral Health Among the Visually Impaired

Dental professionals need to be prepared to safely and effectively treat patients with age-related macular degeneration.
By Ruth Palich, RDH, MHHS

Role of the Dental Endoscope in Calculus Detection

This technology can help clinicians in their efforts to completely remove subgingival calculus.
By Joy B. Osborn, RDH, MA
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  • Sunstar E-Brief | Treatment Strategies For Peri-implantitis

    Difficult to detect and a chief cause of implant failure, peri-implantitis requires a swift response once it is diagnosed. Read more... 

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