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Advantages of Digital Radiography

Digital imaging offers significant benefits to practices, clinicians, and patients.
By Nicole Greco, BSDH, MA

Erosive Tooth Wear

Dental hygienists are well positioned to help patients treat and prevent the effects of this common oral health problem.
By Ashley Grill, RDH, BSDH, MPH, and Frederick Curro, DMD, PhD

A Diagnostic Challenge

While a large radiopaque mass of the maxilla could represent a variety of oral health problems, a differential diagnosis is the key to pinpointing the cause.
By Mitzi J. Palazzolo, DDS, MS, MAJ, USAF, DC; Jennifer D. Britt, DMD, MS, MAJ, USA, DC; and James P. Arnold, DMD, MAJ(P), USA, DC

Combating the Periodontitis Epidemic

Rebecca Wilder, RDH, MS, discusses the importance of antimicrobial toothpastes in the fight against plaque and gingivitis. Read more...

Nutritional Strategies for Caries Reduction

Diet plays an integral role in promoting oral health.
By Mahmoud Al-Dajani, DDS, MSc, PhD (OMFS), MSc, FRCD(C) (DPH), and Hardy Limeback, PhD, DDS
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  • Sunstar E-Brief | Treatment Strategies For Peri-implantitis

    Difficult to detect and a chief cause of implant failure, peri-implantitis requires a swift response once it is diagnosed. Read more... 

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