Jack Goes Pink for a Cure!

July 12th, 2013 - Missoula, Montana – PDT - Paradise Dental Technologies is proud to announce that the Montana Jack® sickle scalers will now be available in pink, the Montana Jack® Breast Cancer Pink (R138BC). Jack goes pink for the cure!

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Pink Jacks are being offered to support campaigns to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness. PDT will donate $1.00 to the American Cancer Society for every pink Montana Jack sold.

The one and only Montana Jack® is arguably the most widely-recognized trademarked hand instrument in the world and has become the favorite of both dentists and hygienists. It is 100% made in the USA by Paradise Dental Technologies. Jack is ultra-light, thinner, tougher, harder and sharper than all the rest.

Our innovative design is still unmatched! PDT's unique process of heat treat and cryogenics produces a molecular grain structure in the steel that results in optimal hardness without sacrificing strength. They will stay sharp longer. The ergonomically designed handle is solid resin. Weighing in at only 13 grams it is one of the lightest instruments on the market, and the comfortable large diameter handle has extended knurling for superior control and greater maneuverability that allows for the ultimate tactile sensitivity. 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Visit www.pdtdental.com or call 800-240-9895 for more information on the Montana Jack® Breast Cancer Pink (R138BC) instrument.

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