Are you interested to know what company makes your favorite brand name product? The Brand Name Index lists some of dental hygiene’s well-known brand names. Each brand name is listed alphabetically with the company that makes the brand following it.

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2-Tone™, Young Dental
4-ceps®, A. Titan Instruments
60:60, Pascal Co
60 Second Taste, Pascal Co

Accent, Tess Corp
Acclean, Henry Schein Inc
Accuject®, DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical
AcquaBrite, AcquaMed Technologies
AcquaSeal, AcquaMed Technologies
ACT®, Johnson & Johnson
Adper, 3M ESPE

Aegis with ACP, Bosworth Co
Aerospeuse, DUX Dental
AFFINIS™, Coltene/Whaledent Inc
AGFA, Heraeus
Airflow®, EMS (Electro Medical Systems)
Air Max, ACTEON North America
The Alginator, DUX Dental
All Rap, Kerr Totalcare
Alpen™, Coltene/Whaledent Inc
Aquafresh, GlaxoSmithKline
ARESTIN®, OraPharma Inc
Arm & Hammer®, Church & Dwight Co Inc
Atomizer, Biotrol
Attest, 3M ESPE
Aurelia, Supermax Inc

Banicide Plus, Pascal Co
Barnhart, Suter Dental Mfg
BDR, Designs for Vision
BendaBrush, Centrix Inc
BendaMicro, Centrix Inc
Big Easy, Premier Dental
Biocide, Biotrol
BioSonic®, Coltene/Whaledent Inc
Biotene, Laclede Inc
Biozyme™, Biotrol
Birex®, Biotrol
B.G. Roo, Paragon International
Body Guard®, Orascoptic
Braun, Procter & Gamble
Breeze, Vista Dental Products

Brite Shield, Premier Dental
Butler®, Sunstar Butler

CAESY Education Systems, Patterson Dental
Carefree®, Young Dental
Cavitron®, DENTSPLY Professional
Cavicide, Kerr Totalcare
Caviwipes, Kerr Totalcare
Cetacaine, Cetylite Industries Inc
Cetylcide, Cetylite Industries Inc
Citanest®, DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical

Citrizyme, Pascal Co
Classic Traditional Web™, Young Dental
Clinpro, 3M ESPE
Clive Craig, DUX Dental
Clorox, Bosworth Co
ColorTouch, Microflex Corp.
ColorVue™, Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc
Coltolux®, Coltene/Whaledent Inc
Columbia, Suter Dental Mfg.
Columbia Dentoform®, DentalEZ® Group
Comfortcaine, Bosworth Co
Comfort Grip, Microflex Corp
Concept, Tess Corp
Concept IV, Gendex Dental Systems
Conform®, Ansell Healthcare
Contra Disposable™, Young Dental
ControlRx, OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals
Cool Temp®, Coltene/Whaledent
Cover All, Kerr Totalcare
Crest, Procter & Gamble
Crest® SpinBrush™, Church & Dwight Co Inc
C-Tub, Cetylite Industries Inc
CustomAir®, DentalEZ Group

Daylite, Designs for Vision
D-Carie, NEKS Technologies Inc
Dee Fog, Cetylite Industries Inc
DEFEND, Mydent International

Delton®, DENTSPLY Professional
DenOptix, Gendex Dental Systems
Densco®, Water Pik Inc
Denticare, Medicom
DermaClean™, Ansell Healthcare
DermaPrene®, Ansell Healthcare
Detectar, NEKS Technologies Inc
DIAGNOdent, Kavo Dental
Diamond, Denticator
Diamond Grip, Microflex Corp.
DiamondTec™, Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc
Dimension-3®, Orascoptic

D.I.S.C. Sharpener, Premier Dental
D-Lish® EZ-Paks®, Young Dental
D-Lish®, Young Dental
Doctors Choice, Quantum Labs
Dr. Hays, Pro-Tex International Inc
Dri Back, Medicome
Dri-Clave, Heraeus
Dr. Ken’s, Floss and Go Inc
Dry Back, Medicom
D/Sense Crystal, Centrix Inc
Duo, NEKS Technologies Inc
Duraflor, Medicom
Duraphat, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals


EagleLight, American Eagle Instruments
EagleSoft, Patterson Dental
Easy X-Trac System®, A. Titan Instruments
Efferdent, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
Elipar FreeLight, 3M ESPE
Empower, Kerr Totalcare
Enamel Pro, Premier Dental
Encore®, Ansell Healthcare
E.P.®, Ansell Healthcare
ERGOcam, Kavo Dental
Esa, Preventech
Esamate, Preventech
EverEdge™, Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc
Eyeguards™, PerioOptix Inc
EZ-Lock, Vista Dental Products

Facial-Seal™, Biotrol
Fang Dango®, Denticator
Festival®, Denticator
Fiesta®, Coltene/Whaledent Inc
Fixodent, Procter & Gamble
FLAPS, Microcopy
Flexo, Bosworth Co
Flor-Opal, Ultradent Products
FluraGel, DUX Dental
Fluorilaq, Pascal Co
Freeform, Microflex Corp
Fuji, GC America Inc

Gammex™, Ansell Healthcare
G-Bond, GC America Inc
Gel Kam, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
Gleason Guide, PDT Inc/Paradise Dental Technologies Inc.
Glide, Procter & Gamble
G-Light, GC America Inc
Glitter, Premier Dental
Glove’n Care®, Essential Dental Systems
Glove Club, Henry Schein Inc
Glu/Sense, Centrix Inc
Good Vibrations, Certol
Googles, Kerr Totalcare
Gradia Direct, GC America Inc
GripLite®, Miltex
GUM®, Sunstar Butler
GumNumb, Crosstex International
GX-770, Gendex Dental Systems
GXP, Gendex Dental Systems

Happy Scrubs®, Uniform Advantage
HiRes™, Orascoptic
HO Bands™, Young Dental
HOGIES™, PerioOptix Inc
Hold™, Water Pik, Inc.
Honigum, Zenith Dental
HurriCaine, Beutlich LP Pharmaceuticals
HurriSeal, Beutlich LP Pharmaceuticals
HurriSept, Beutlich LP Pharmaceuticals
HurriView, Beutlich LP Pharmaceuticals

Hygenic®, Coltene/Whaledent Inc
Hygiene Irrigator, Vista Dental Products
HygienePro, Brasseler USA
HyLite®, A. Titan Instruments

IC Protective, Crosstex International
Identic Alginate, DUX Dental
I-F Style, Tony Riso Co
Implacare™, Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc
IMS™, Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc

INSTA-FIX, Microcopy
INSTA-NEG, Microcopy
Interplak, Conair
Isofluid, Crosstex International
Isolator, Pascal Co

J/V-Generation™, DentalEZ Group

Kalginate®, Water Pik Inc
Key-To®, Water Pik Inc
Kids Kare™, Pro-Dentec
Kulorful, SmartPractice

Le Soothe, SmartPractice
Liberator™, Miltex
Liberty®, Denticator
Light Touch, Premier Dental
Listerine, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
Lollicaine, Centrix Inc
LubeFree™, DentalEZ Group
Luride, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
LuxaBite, Zenith Dental
LuxaCore, Zenith Dental
LuxaTemp, Zenith Dental

Maskenomics, Crosstex International
MasterTray®, Water Pik Inc
Maxicide, Henry Schein Inc
Maxima, Henry Schein Inc
MaxiProbe, OraTec
McCalls, Suter Dental Mfg
Mentadent®, Church & Dwight Co Inc
Micro One, Microflex Corp
Micro-Touch®, Ansell Healthcare
Microwell, Centrix Inc
Midwest® RDH®, DENTSPLY Professional
mini D-carie, NEKS Technologies Inc
Mini LED, ACTEON North America
Miris™, Coltene/Whaledent Inc
Montana Jack, PDT Inc/Paradise Dental Technologies Inc
Multicide™ Ultra, Biotrol

Nada, Preventech
Natural Care, Tom’s of Maine
Natural Elegance, Henry Schein Inc
Natural Touch, Quantum Labs
NeutraGard Advanced, Pascal Co
NEOBURR, Microcopy
NEODRYS, Microcopy
Neopro, Microflex Corp
Neo-soothe, SmartPractice
Neutravac™, Biotrol
Nevi, Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc
NEXT, Preventech
NextGen™, DentalEZ Group
NewTouch®, Ansell Healthcare
Niveous®, Shofu Dental Corp
Nucare™, Sunstar Butler
Nupro®, DENTSPLY Professional

Oasis, GlaxoSmithKline
OBite, Zenith Dental
Onyx Etch, Centrix Inc
Opalescence, Ultradent Products
Orabase, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
OraJet, OraTec
Oral-B, Procter & Gamble
Oral Balance, Laclede Inc
Oraqix®, DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical
Orbit®, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co
Original Green®, Denticator
Oris®, DENTSPLY Professional
Orthoralix, Gendex Dental Systems

P5 Newtron, ACTEON North America
ParaPost®, Coltene/Whaledent Inc
Peelvue, DUX Dental
P Max, ACTEON North America
PerFecta, Premier Dental
Performance Plus™, PerioOptix Inc
Peridex, Zila Pharmaceuticals Inc
Peridex, OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals
Peridin-C, Beutlich LP Pharmaceuticals

Periocheck®, Pro-Dentec
Periogard, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
Perioglas®, Sunstar Butler

PeriLux™, PerioOptix Inc
PerioMed, OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals
PerioWise, Premier Dental
PermaCem, Zenith Dental
Peroxyl, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
Perry® X-AM®, Ansell Healthcare
Phos-Flur, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
PHP100, Pro-Dex Micro Motors
Pick-A-Dent®, Denticator
Piezo+, Vista Dental Products
Piezo Advantage, Vista Dental Products

Piezon®, EMS (Electro Medical Systems)
PIVOT, Preventech
Plak Posse Palz, Paragon International
Plaque Finder®, Pro-Dentec
Polident, GlaxoSmithKline
Polocaine®, DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical
Power Cleaner, Cetylite Industries Inc
PowerGrip, Microflex Corp
Practice Made Perfect®, ADSTRA Systems
Prevident, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
Procide, Kerr Totalcare
Pro Clean, Premier Dental
Pro-DenRx™, Pro-Dentec
Pro-Dentx®, Pro-Dentec
ProE-Vac, Certol
Pro-Flex Smoothie™, Pro-Dentec
The PROFESSIONAL, Pureline Oralcare
Prophy Max, ACTEON North America
Prophy Plus, Pro-Dex Micro Motors
Pro-Select3, Pro-Dentec
PROPHYwiz, Kavo Dental
PROSPEC™ MI Paste, GC America Inc
ProSpray, Certol
Protect™, Sunstar Butler
ProTector, Certol
Protexin, Cetylite Industries Inc
ProView, Certol
ProxiDisk, Centrix Inc
PUFF, Pascal Co

Qualitouch®, SmartPractice
QUATROCare, Kavo Dental

RAMVAC®, DentalEZ Group
Reach®, Johnson & Johnson
Reflection, SmartPractice
Release, Cetylite Industries Inc
Rembrandt®, Johnson & Johnson
ResinEight™, Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc

Restore™, Biotrol
Rewhite®, Shofu Dental Corp
Rincinol™, Sunstar Butler
Rota-dent One Step®, Pro-Dentec
Rota-point™, Pro-Dentec
Royal Shield, SmartPractice
Rx Ultra Suave, PHB

Safe T. Shadez, Paragon International
Salivart®, Gebauer Co
Saliva-Check, GC America Inc
Sani-Tray®, Water Pik Inc
Sani Clothes, Crosstex International
Sanitex, Crosstex International
Sani Tyze, Crosstex International
Schick, Patterson Dental
Scope, Procter & Gamble

Scrub’N Glove™, Essential Dental Systems
Sealtight, Kerr Totalcare
Sensodyne, GlaxoSmithKline
Sensonic®, Water Pik Inc
Sequence, Pascal Co
Sidekick™, Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc
Signature, Tess Corp
Silver Dri-Aid™, Young Dental
Simplastic, Bosworth Co
Skin Screen, Cetylite Industries Inc
SmartBibs™, SmartPractice
Smile Lite®, Pro-Dentec
Snoreclipse, Pureline Oralcare
Snore Guard, Pro-Tex International Inc
SoftSkin, Quantum Labs
SoftStick, Centrix Inc
Solara®, DentalEZ Group
Sonicare, Philips Oral Healthcare
SONICflex, Kavo Dental
SootheRx, OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals
Sopro, ACTEON North America
SP Mini LED, ACTEON North America
SP Newtron, ACTEON North America
Sparkle, Crosstex International
Spiffies, DR Products
Splatr-Free®, SmartPractice
Spring, Vista Dental Products
Stan-Gard, Pascal Co
StarDental®, DentalEZ® Group
Status Blue, Zenith Dental
Sterall, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
SteriCages, DUX Dental
SteriSystem, DUX Dental
Steri-Tracker™, Essential Dental Systems
Supergel, Bosworth Co
Super Poligrip, GlaxoSmithKline
Super Seal®, Phoenix Dental Inc
Surg-O-Vac®, Young Dental
Swangle, SmartPractice
Swivel™, Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc
Synergy®, Coltene/Whaledent Inc

Tactile Tone, Miltex
TBlue630, Zila Pharmaceuticals Inc
Team-Up, ACTEON North America
TempoCem, Zenith Dental
Therasol, OraTec
Thompson™, Miltex
Tip-A-Dent®, Denticator
TIS, Tony Riso Co
Titan™, DentalEZ Group
Total, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
Tra-Tens®, Water Pik Inc
Tray Aways, Bosworth Co
Treswhite, Ultradent Products
Trident, Cadbury Adams USA LLC
TripleTray, Centrix Inc
Turbo™, Young Dental
TurboPIEZO, Parkell
TurboSENSOR, Parkell

UA Scrubs™, Uniform Advantage
Ultra-Care, Ultradent Products
Ultra-Etch, Ultradent Products
Ultra-Ez, Ultradent Products
Ultra-Lume, Ultradent Products
Ultra-Seal, Ultradent Products
UltraSense, Microflex Corp
Ultra Sensitive, Crosstex International

Vac Attak, Premier Dental
Vacukleen, Heraeus
Vacusol™ Ultra, Biotrol
Vanish, OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals
Varnal, Cetylite Industries Inc

VELscope®, LED Dental Inc
ViaJet, OraTec
Vibrakleen, Heraeus
Vionex, Kerr Totalcare
Vionexus, Kerr Totalcare
Visible White, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
Visualix, Gendex Dental Systems
ViziLite, Zila Pharmaceuticals Inc

Wild Smiles, Paragon International

Xcision®, A. Titan Instruments
Xenon, Designs for Vision
Xenolite, DUX Dental
XP Technology, American Eagle Instruments
Xylocaine®, DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical

Zahn Dental, Henry Schein Inc
Zarosen, Cetylite Industries Inc
Zeon®, Orascoptic

Zmile, Paragon International
Zone, DUX Dental
Zoo Animal Teaching Aids, Paragon International

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. August 2006;4(8):38-39.

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